Breaking the work/Lunch Habit

. Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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  • If you take lunch from home, take a 20-minute walk (at a relaxed pace) before eating to provide a break in the schedule. This will help relieve tension, aid in digestion, and burn up some calories. In bad weather, alternatives to walking outside can include walking through the corridors or climbing stairs rather than taking the elevator.

  • Try eating lunch out rather than working through the hour. You don’t need to go to an expensive restaurant, a simple lunch room or salad bar will do fine. Studies have shown that those who stop working and take true lunch are efficient and productive than those who combine lunch and work. Formally sitting down to eat often means that the meal will be better digested than if eaten while in midst of another activity.

  • Plan more vigorous exercise during our lunch break. Start by simple having something to drink (water,, fruit juice) and a fruit (orange, peach, plum, banana)before your activity, follow exercise with a ten minute rest and a light meal (green salad, fruit, whole-grain bread, nonfat yogurt, etc)

  • Those who have the habit of eating while standing at the kitchen counter or other worksite should try to prepare a tray and sit down somewhere away from the kitchen and the project at hand. This limits the food available and puts work ot of sight for the moment.


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