Bursitis III

. Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Loosen Affected Joints though Exercise

As the pain and swelling decrease, begin doing any of the exercise described below. (For knee and leg exercise) Consult your doctor before doing any strenuous chore or exercise. If you get the go-ahead, be sure to warm up by stretching muscles and tendons before you start the workout. This will make the muscles and tendons more flexible and limber so they won’t press so hard on the bursae. Do these exercises three times a day.

Touch your elbows. Clasp your hands behind your head. Now bring your elbows together in front your face, as close as possible to one another. Then separate them as widely as you can. Repeat, gradually working up o 10 repetions.

Reach Out. Stretch one arm straight out in front of you. Lock your elbows, and raise your arm directly over your head so that your fingers are pointing toward the ceiling. Lower the arm. Do 5 to 10 repetitions for each arm.

Rotate your arms. Stretch one arms out form your side so that it is parallel with the floor. Now rotate that arm in small circles forward, then in reverse. Work your way up from 5 to 10 circles, then 20, in both directions. Repeat with the other arm.

Reach for he stars. Raise your arms above and behind your head as far as possible. Do not force the motion; just try to gradually improve then distance you can reach backward. Do 5,then 10, then 20 repetitions. (If you arms hurt or you have trouble raising hem, try lying on your bed and holding a broom handle or some other stick in both hands to help you stretch.)

Roll your shoulders. Begin by raising your shoulders toward your ears, then roll them back so that your chest sticks out. Next, roll them down, then forward and up. Work your up from 5 repetitions to 10, then 20.
Do shoulders touches. Extend one arm directly out at your side, parallel with the floor. Touch your shoulders with your hand by bending at the elbow and bringing your hand back to the top of your shoulders. Work your way up from 5 repetitions to 10, then 20. Repeat with the other arm.

Lift your leg. While lying on firm mat or on your bed, lift one leg, knee bent, and bring it toward your chest. You can use your hands to grabs hold below your thigh. Do 5,10 or 20 repetitions per leg.

Solve the problems

You can keep some cases of bursitis from recurring. Here’s how.

Change your shoes. If your bursitis is caused by shoes that are too tight in the heel, try a hell lift. If that doesn’t work, you may have to ditch the shoes. If they’re too tight in th toes, either get rid of them or see if they can be stretched enough to solve the problem.

Analyze your stroke. Bursitis in swimmers’ shoulders, he result of muscle imbalance or overuse, can caused by either rolling too much as you swim or not rolling enough with each stroke. Ask a swim coach or instructor to analyze your stroke; better yet, have it videotaped so you can pinpoint the problems on your own.

Add a pad. Bursitis caused by constant kneeling or sitting is easily prevented: Carry a cushion or pad with you to sit or kneel on. This will reduce the pressure on your joints.

Switch chores around. Because repetitive motion causes bursae to become inflamed, you can sometimes circumvent the problems by alternating chores. Don’t spend a whole day painting the kitchen or raking the yard; enlist help, or break up the job into two-hour segments.


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