. Monday, September 22, 2008
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Revitalize your parched Tresses

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re one of the those 100,000 or so hairs on the top of your head. First, you spend each night crushed, bent and twisted against the pillow. Morning arrives and before you know it, you’re looking up the nozzle of a tropical rain storm. You’re wet, cold and flattened, when suddenly you’re being blown by a mechanically induced desert wind that feels hot enough o evaporate a small lake. Now you’re dry and limp and out the front door, only to be torched by the summer sun or frozen by winter winds, and throughout the day, every time your owner gets nervous, you’re the first thing that gets yanked, pulled and twirled.

Option to try

Hair can be beautiful asset, but all too often we abuse it-and the result is dry, brittle, unattractive locks, here’s how you can restore youth, vitality and beauty to your hair.

If you need to shampoo daily, go ahead.” Most people who get dry, dull hair think they need to back off from daily washing,” says hair expert Philip Kingsley, author of the The Complete Hair Book. “They’re wrong. You can never heal broken hair or split ends, but daily washing and conditioning with a good product help to moisturize and elasticized hair.”

Pick the right conditioner. Conditioners, which help protect hair from outside assaults and repair damage, vary considerably in content. “if your hair is already damaged, it ‘s especially important to choose a conditioner that will counteract your specify problem,” says John Corbett, Ph.D., vice president for scientific and technical affairs at Clairol in Stamford, Connecticut. For dry hair, you want conditioners with small amount oil: look for the word remoiturezer, re- elasticizer on the label or dimethicone or mineral oil on the list of ingredient. Also, conditioners with low Ph factors are better for dry hair.

Cure flyaway hair. Static electricity keeps hair from lying smoothly and allows it to tangle more readily. A conditioner will solve this problem. “Your hair naturally has a lot of negative ionic charges along the shaft,” says Rebecca Caserio, M.D., clinical assistant professor of the dermatologist at the University of Pittsburgh. “This static. Conditioners add a positive charge, which helps neutralize the static.”

Moisturize through and through. Twice a week, use a deep-moisturizing conditioning treatment (not an oil treatment) before shampooing, says Kingleys. Ask your beautician to recommended a product that’s right for your hair.

Detangle with care. Dry hair usually means brittle hair, so you want to take special care when combing. Use a comb with widely your finger. Avoid brushing too often.

Keep the blast to a minimum. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally. If a wash – and –wear style isn’t right for you, first blot your hair dry with a towel, then keep your dryer on a low setting at least 6 inches from your head. Keep the dryer moving so the airflow isn’t directed at the same spot for more than few seconds. While your hair is drying, gently finger comb to prevent tangles and stress. (Attaching a diffuser to the nozzleof your blow dryer can also help diffuse hot hair more evenly.)

To avoid overdrying sections of you hair, make a part across the back of your head from the neck and work upward toward the crown. When you’ve dried that section, bring another layer of hair down. Continue working toward the front, and dry the top hairs last.

Don’t sizzle your treses. Too-frequent use of curling irons can evaporate the water in the hair shaft that keeps it strong and pliable. This lack of moisture makes hair so brittle, you can damage it by just pulling a comb through it.


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