. Friday, September 26, 2008
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Tips For Terrific Lips

You can pucker up all you want, but the most alluring smile quickly loses it appeal when your lips are cracked, peeling and dry.

Your lips suffer even more than other delicate facial skin from he sun and the weather. Unlike the rest of your skin, lips contain no melanin and lack oil glands to protect against drying winds and indoor heating. Sun damage also speed up the formation of those pesky vertical lines that lipstick can seep into.

But take heart: Luscious lips can be yours! All you need is a little bit of daily care to keep your mouth its most attractive. Here and some expert tips to help you keep our lips plump, moist and full.

If you lick your lips. As natural as it may seem, licking your lips only makes dry lips drier “ This is one of the very worst thing people can do, “ says Ronald Sherman, M.D., senior clinical instructor in dermatology at mount Sinai Medical Center inn New York. “It only increase evaporation when the moisture from the licking your lips evaporates, so does some o the moisture from your lips, Furthermore, saliva contains drying enzymes.

Slick on s mouth-watering balm. The right way to protect your lips against sun and weather Is to moisturize them with lips balm with sunscreen. Apply day and night and reapply often. Especially after meals, before going out side and at bed time. If your lips are naturally dry, dab a drop of water on them before applying tip balm, so the oils in the balm can seal in the moisture.

Clever tricks for fuller lips. For women who years for the fuller –lipped look that keeps the smile youthful, makeup can work wonders.

Start with a good base. Even the healthiest lips will be ruined by cakey or poorly applied lip color. To color yourself gorgeous, apply a lip conditioners, then a foundation base. This will help your lipstick go on evenly.

Use a lip pencil for definition. To prevent feathering, the less-than –stylist effect you get when lipstick seeps to into the vertical lines that extend beyond your lips, use a neutral-colored lip pencil to neatly outline and fill in your lip line. Pencils not only help prevent lipstick color form bleeding, they also allow you to make minor alteration in your natural lip line. “The number of thing to remember is that a lip pencil should be used to give definition only, “says beauty expert Trish Mc Evoy of New York. “Look for a shade close to your natural lip color. Angle the pencil (or use with a rounded tip) to shape the lips symmetrically, yet keep the line soft (using the point can create a harsh appearance). For the most flattering look, simply follow your own lip line.” She suggests you blend the line with a swab until It’s barely noticeable.

Try pencil of different consistencies. Pencils that are too soft bleed as badly as lipstick, while those that are too hard pull the pull the lip and give a choppy line. When shopping, try the tester on the back on the your hand. “ If the temperature of the store you’re in is cool, warm the pencil tip a bit by drawing on your hand,” Mc Evoy suggests.“ Cold make even the best formulas stubborn.” Then lightly try to rub off the lip pencil. If it disappear from your hand, it won’t last on your lips. And if the pencil drags or skips, forget it.

Choose the right finish. Next, fill in your outlined lips with color. The best lipstick for most women are matte creams. They’re least likely to irritate, and they last longer than frosts, which call attention to chapping and are less flattering On mature women. Glosses tend to wear off quickly.

Brush on color. No matter which type of color you choose, apply it with a lip brush, at least for the first application of the day. “Then you’ll only need to touch up by placing color within the outline during the day,” says Mc Evoy. Be sure to apply color evenly, keeping it inside the lip line. Work from the center of your mouth outward. When you’re done , give your lips a light dusting of face powder, and blot gently with a tissue to set the color.

Don’t rub. Never rub of your lipstick. Rubbing removes protective surface cells. If you need to remove your lipstick for any reason, blot if off.


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